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Privacy policy templates and everything you need to comply to GDPR


Below you will find our most important features in ComplyTo GDPR and how they help you comply to the General Data Protection Regulation.
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ComplyTo's Features

GDPR template for privacy policy

Templates for privacy policies

Make your company's privacy policy in 5 minutes. We have created templates for different types of companies, e.g. webshops, associations and schools. If you are unable to find a template for your specific company type, we also have a general company template with the most common processes and types of personal data checked off. Then you only have to look through the template and click off the remaining personal data types, and you have your company's privacy policy. 

Make your privacy policy in record time

When you have chosen the template that fits your company, the only thing left is to make smaller adjustments, such as the names of your IT systems. Now you are ready to publish your company's privacy policy.

ComplyTo Privacy Widget

Show everyone that you have GDPR under control.

See an example of Privacy Widget here

Your updated privacy policy is always live

Show your customers, that your company takes care of their personal data.

With our Privacy Widget you can implement your privacy policy directly to your website. Insert the script we give you, and you will have a button leading to a pop-up with your privacy policy. Then is your most recent updated privacy policy always on your website. 

Mapping of your personal data

ComplyTo makes mapping of your company's personal data easy. No lawyer or GDPR consultant knows more about what personal data your company possesses than you. So why not control the compliance of GDPR in-house?

ComplyTo gives you the opportunity to do that.

We help you map your data

When you log on to ComplyTo for the first time, you will be directed to our GDPR guide. This helps you through the mapping of your personal data applied by your company.

We provide examples for you, so that you easily can map what types of data you possess, where the data is stored, for what purpose and when the data will be deleted.

Audit log

With our audit log it takes only five minutes to make changes, document them and update all relevant documents and tasks.

Register consequences and document changes in personal data quickly and easily

When you get a new IT system, SaaS or new data, then you need to updates your policies and know about the consequences of your changes. ComplyTo warns you about the consequences of your changes, and we store all the versions of your policies in our system for you to find in your dashboard. 

GDPR is an ongoing process and our system makes it easy for you to update your policies whenever you need to. 

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Privacy policies

When you have mapped your data, our system produce the privacy policies for all the activities/business processes you have in your company.

Show your privacy policies to the world

The purpose of your privacy policy is to inform how and which personal data you process in your company. 

Thereby you meet the demands of GDPR to inform all the people you process informations about, on how you do so.

Data processing agreements

All your data processor agreements in one place

Are you a data controller and use other companies' products to store or process your data on your behalf?

Then you need a data processing agreement. That is a agreement where you as data controller can instruct the data processor on how they must handle the data you are responsible for. 

In this way, you as a data controller can ensure, that your suppliers handle your data with care.

When you have mapped your data, ComplyTo will automatically give you a draft of a data processor agreement for your suppliers.

If your company is a data processor for other companies, our system also helps you with that.

Assessment of your data use

Through our unique algorithm we match you data use with the rules of GDPR.

We compare your mapping of data to the rules

If we find incongruity between your data and the rules, we make sure to inform you. We calculate a proposal to solve the risk you have in your current use of data. Similarly, we have produced specific tasks and controls for these risks, which you can choose to implement.

Tasks and controls

Handle ongoing tasks, controls and procedures

We take into account the risks we find through the informations you give our system.

However, that does not mean, that we know everything about your company. Therefore, it is possible for you to create your own controls and tasks, which you on an ongoing basis can use to comply with GDPR. This means that your program is completely adaptable to your company and the process you wish for. 

Instead of writing long descriptions of your procedures, then you can create it as a task with several to-do's and send the task to the co-worker, who can do the task. Furthermore, you can ensure, that tasks are approved by a leader or others.