The story of ComplyTo

The idea came from the founders Kasper Mai Jørgensen and Martin Baltzer Søbjerg. They noticed the high fees from lawyers and consultants who offered their assistance with compliance of GDPR. Fees that only larger corporations can afford to pay. But how about all the small and medium-sized companies, that are not able to pay these fees? These are the companies, that Kasper and Martin want to help. 

ComplyTo's Mission:

*To make GDPR easy to comply with for small and medium-sized companies*

How do ComplyTo do that?

Martin and Kasper knew, that GDPR could be made easier and affordable for small and medium-sized companies. So they started developing a platform where webshops, schools, shops and other types of companies can be guided through the creation of their privacy policies and data processing agreements. They have even made GDPR templates for different types of companies and industries to make it even easier to comply with GDPR. 

In ComplyTo you will find useful features such as document templates, Privacy Widget that will always show the latest version of your privacy policy on your website and GDPR risk assessment. 

ComplyTo is the affordable alternative to expensive lawyer and consultant fees, and it will guide you all the way to compliance of GDPR.