ComplyTo - Santa & GDPR - A Modern-Day Christmas Story

Santa & GDPR

A Modern-Day Christmas Story

Episode 2 - Sunday 9th December


Twas the Second Advent Sunday, Santa was pissed

“What can I do now, without my long list?”


He thinked and he grumbled, suddenly a smile

This the European Union won’t forget in a while


"Mrs. Claus come in here, I have a great plan

Please gather the elfs now, as fast as you can"


"And Rudolph, and Dasher and Dancer and Vixen

I need all the help I can to carry out this mission"


They all assembled quickly, in the gift factory they met

St. Nick climbed the podium, in his beard a drop of sweat


Yelling “They ruin our business, we can’t use the list

Now we’ll deliver the gifts with a twist."


Together they’d build, a cannon so huge

The world would think Santa had become Ebenezer Scrooge


To shoot presents over Europe, in random directions

No child’s wish would be granted, oh the lack of affection


Pedro would get a Barbie and Astrid a toy tractor

Even though these are gifts, none of them wished for


Santa’s name would be ruined, not easy to fix

These were the thoughts of Pepper Minstix


The stressed side of Santa, no child must know

Everyone deserves to hear his laughter go "Ho-Ho-Oh-Ho"


Pepper ran towards the podium and told him to stop

A frustrated Santa exclaimed “Bah! Humbug!”


"But St. Nick don’t you see, it’s affecting the kids?

And think about their parents, they’ll tear us to bits"


"Let’s consider this again, now what can we do?

We’ll get some milk and cookies, and think this thing through."


"Maybe we could ask somebody, but I sure don’t know who

Santa replied with joy, how about our friends at ComplyTo?"


"They’re helpful and smart, their platform is great

They are the ones who can put this thing straight."


A phone call to Kasper, executive in chief

The advice he gave Santa was of so high relief


"Be transparent about what type data you collect

GDPR is way easier than the layman expects"


"EU just wants to make sure you comply

With a law simply created to protect you and I"


"ComplyTo will guide you, that is for sure

As long as your storage of data’s secure"


"Thanks a million, Kasper, you’re such a great guidance

We’ll stop building the cannon, and put it behind us"


"Just one more question, Santa, I hope that’s okay"

"Of course, son, no problem; now what do you say?"


"You’ve data on children, from Barbados to Belgium

My question goes merely, to how you collect them?"


“The connection is weak, Kasper, I don’t know what to say

Let’s talk about it in a week on Third Advent Sunday"

Episode 1 - Sunday 2nd December



Twas the First Advent Sunday, in silence and peace

Only noise from the chimney and an elf with a sneeze


St. Nick was online, suddenly took a stand

He rose from his chair in his house in Greenland.


He yelled and he cursed, rose his fist towards the North Star

“What is this nonsense they call GDPR?”


Mrs. Claus come in here, I’m torn into bits

How am I supposed to give gifts to all those kids?


Easy now, Nick, she said to comfort

There must be a way, without cutting Europe short


He looked up the law, his red cheeks turned pale

“I always thought Santa was too big to fail”


Profiling and consent, I’ve never heard of such things

Maybe I should call Juncker and pull in some strings.


No, there must be a way, without saying bye

I must do all I can, so I can comply.


He panicked and yelled, “BURN ALL THE LISTS!”

I’m done if the EU find, I have data on kids.


I cannot profile who’s naughty and good

If they fine me 20 million, there’s no money for food.


My reindeers will be starving, no energy to fly

No children in the world will see Santa in the sky.


I know a way, Santa, with just a few clicks

Said an elf from the corner, his name Pepper Minstix


It’s easy and simple, so don’t just say boo

We can make our privacy policy using ComplyTo.


They signed up and tried on

Just an hour later, then their policy was done.


Easy and simple, Pepper I must admit that to you

But about profiling and consent, then what must I do?


It’s getting late Father Christmas, I must hit the hay

Let’s find out in a week on Second Advent Day.

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